Scalar Wave Therapy, ADD, and Me

Keeping with my New Year’s holistic experiment, I decided to gravitate toward something really new and unusual:  Scalar Wave Therapy.  Never heard of Scalar Waves?  Me neither.  Last October I purchased a session of Scalar Wave therapy for the Misses as part of a day’s worth of odd-ball pampering that also included a session in … Continue reading Scalar Wave Therapy, ADD, and Me

New Year’s Resolutions and Fasting with Gandhi

Although I don’t always remember my New Year’s Resolutions, I figured this year I would attempt to remember them by, well, making them more memorable.  I pondered the  standard resolutions including being healthier, losing weight, being a better person, etc., but those were a little too abstract (and cliché) to be accountably effective.  This year, … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions and Fasting with Gandhi

12 Days of Movie Christmas

I decided since our little blog started near Christmas, that I’d better figure out something to write about for the holidays…and fast.  Otherwise I would feel guilty, be branded a bad boy, and so on the snowball rolls.  After much pondering and debating and sweating, I came to the decision to discuss one of America’s … Continue reading 12 Days of Movie Christmas